Join us at Kitchener City Hall,

200 King St West, Kitchener

Be 2013-277


HOW DO WE GET TO THE FESTIVAL?? there is the bus terminal just a block away, or if the weather is nice, get the family bikes out of storage and make a trip of it.

PARKING: Parking is available (for a small fee) underground at City Hall or the parking garage a block over at Duke st and Ontario st

WHAT DO WE NEED TO BRING TO THE FESTIVAL?? a blanket perhaps to cop a sqwat and enjoy the tunes, a reusable tote bag for all your shopping… but not much more. Its a free event!

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED IN THIS TOTALLY COOL SHOW?? There are many ways, depending on what skills you bring to the table. Vendors, information stations, game or craft leaders and volunteers can all register by selecting the appropriate “ticket” at the top. If you wish to enter our fashion show challenge, check out the specialized registration page with all the rules and fun stuff. Unfortunately our performer list is full for 2014